From Your Feet, Nera, Letter to Beloved, Mose Dite

Beberapa puisi ini saya tulis sepanjang bulan April 2017.

from your feet nera letter to beloved mose dite
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From Your Feet, Nera, Letter to Beloved, Mose Dite

From Your Feet



There will be light
On your day and night
Nera eta mai awang te lengkang salang lako

There will be you
And decide
Batu nera ko dopo naring Jari

There will be
Nera te gerak, ko
Nera ba gerak

Letter to Beloved

Nobody says that life is easy
But it’s not that hard too
There will be a moment and you realize
Mind is over your body to do

Nobody knows the face of tomorrow
Is it bright or will be sorrow?
There will be a light in the dark
Heart is your guide and hark

Nobody rings the bell to tell
That you are on your edge
There will be an echo from dell
“Yes is the answer of pledge”

Nobody needs a shuttle
Thousands phrase you’ve quoted
Books and words are bottles
Water is the only thing you need

When the road is shadowed by fears
Your mind is over your body
Your heart is your shoulders
Laying there for your journey

And when your eyes is covered by tears
Friends are your wind to ease
There will be a point you see
Welcome you to the victory

Don’t stop now
You never know
How close you are
To your dream car

Mose Dite

When you loose
Let it go
As the mountain let the water find the ocean; the place where they belong together
As a tree let its leaves to the ground; no tears in the name of believing
Nothing will be ours if it’s not ours
Neka daku kali ngong data
Ai bom ite kanang
Ata long one
Lino dokong hoo

Ruteng, April 2017

Armin Bell
Ruteng, Manggarai

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